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Hardwood Flooring in El Campo, TX

Looking for a local store that can help with all your hardwood flooring needs? El Campo Carpet One Floor & Home is your place! Our showroom features a collection of hardwood flooring that can’t be beaten. With our wide range of hardwood that varies in style, size, tone, and color, we have one of the best selections around.



Plus, we have dedicated sales professionals who are well-versed in flooring. With our expert training and knowledge, we can help guide you to the hardwood that best fits your needs. We’re happy to help, so stop by our showroom to learn more about hardwood flooring today!


Protecting Your Hardwood Floor From Humidity


With the greater El Campo’s humidity levels averaging over 50% year-round, it’s vital to maintain consistent relative humidity levels indoors if you have hardwood floors. Keeping a consistent interior climate is essential to extending your hardwood floor’s lifespan. If your home runs too hot, humid, or cold, your hardwood floor planks can show wear before their time. Warping, cracking, or buckling can happen before you know it if you’re not paying attention. We recommend maintaining a consistent relative humidity level of 42 percent for homes with hardwood floors following a professional installation. Humidistats, hydrometers, air conditioners, and insulated drapes can help you maintain a safe hardwood environment.


How Can I Customize My Hardwood Floor?


A hardwood floor’s appearance and function will vary depending on the species of wood. Both solid and engineered hardwood flooring are available in domestic and exotic options such as:







Each species has a different hardness and grain. For example, maple flooring has a straight, consistent grain, while red oak has curly or wavy lines in its graining. Both engineered and solid wood floors are available in various species, stains, finishes, and styles.


Is Engineered Hardwood “Real” Wood?


It sure is! While both solid and engineered hardwood options are considered charming, durable, and beautiful, there are differences between the two in their construction that can be more advantageous for homeowners. Solid hardwood is made of solid planks. From top to bottom, the wood you see is the wood that came directly from the tree.



Engineered hardwood differs because only the top layer is the species of the tree it came from. The material underneath the top layer is made of wood, but it is not the same solid wood from the tree all the way through. It’s not true that one is necessarily better than the other, but engineered hardwood floors can be installed in more areas of your home, like basements and finished attics. Solid hardwood must be nailed, so it cannot be installed on top of concrete subfloors.


Preparing for Your Hardwood Flooring Installation




Come Browse Our Hardwood Floor Selection


We are proud to be a part of the Carpet One cooperative because it allows us to offer an extensive collection of hardwood flooring options. Visit our showroom in El Campo, TX, to see our full range of hardwood flooring for yourself! 



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Caring for Hardwood Flooring

The best way to keep your hardwood

looking great is by taking care of it.

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